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The rest of the family

Since it’s been all about Bonnie lately due to her pregnancy, I decided I better include some photos of my other hammies!!

The golden and white colored hammy is Mr. Butters.  He is such a sweetheart!!! He’s been so kind and gentle from day one.

The two little ones are my robo hammies, Munchkin and Teeny.  Munchkin is the brown one, he’s so scared of everyone & everything.  He is a super timid hamster.  The white one is Teeny.  He’s like a little old man, his big whiskers in front of his face make him look like a cute little old man even more.  He’s grumpy and he hates people too, he bites.  Both my robos hide from me and come out to play at night.  They like to burrow during the day.

There are also some photos on here of Bonnie before she got pregnant!!
The all white hammy that is not a dwarf is Mr. Cuddles.  Poor Mr. Cuddles passed away in December 2015 😦  I was on vacation and left my boyfriend in charge, one night he didn’t turn the heat up high enough.  Bonnie went into hibernation and I was able to save her but it was too late for Mr. Cuddles.  I miss him.  He was a sweetie pie.

There’s also a pic here of my playpen that I set up for them!! It doesn’t really work for all of them.  Bonnie just ends up climbing out somehow or trying to every second.  Mr. Butters would also be scared if he was in there and smelled Bonnie’s scent.  So now it’s just for Mr. Butters or for the munchkins while I clean their cages.

Also on here is a pic of my hamster village!  Right now I’m living with my parents but when I was with 3 roommates this was my hammy village.  I really have always wanted a pet, and I wasn’t allowed at the house I was renting.  My landlord lived in NY and didn’t come by CT much. I thought I could just get hamsters in cages and they wouldn’t bother anyone.

NOPE! I was wrong.  My roommate who is a radio morning show producer decided to call my landlord and rat me out!  He even blamed an ex roommate of mine and said it was her.  The landlord informed me otherwise.  The roommates “voted me out” and told me on my birthday.  I spent my birthday packing a Uhaul truck.  One of them came into my room and made me cry that day.  Another posted a status asking if it was “legal” to kick someone out if the other 3 roommates agree they’re uncomfortable living with that person.  Why were they so uncomfortable living with me? Hamsters. Yes I’m serious.

Anyhow, now while I’m at my parents, Bonnie and the babies are in my room, and the other three are in the princess room.


Day Three of the Hammy babies :)

Today Bonnie woke me up about an hour earlier than I had to be up for work but it’s okay, because she was out and about being herself 🙂 She was chewing the cage and running on her wheel a bit.I put some food in the cage for Bonnie, and she stuck her head out to try and eat it, but when she wasn’t covering all of the baby hamsters they were squeaking at her like “Eee Eee mommy feed me” so I could tell she was nursing.. but she wanted some food so I fed her with a fork while she was nursing 🙂

Bonnie ate some chicken with the fork, some grapes, some celery, and some nuts! 🙂

Late Night Blog.

Currently 12:30 at night, I have work in the morning, but I was kept up…


I went to switch out the old food (I give her fresh produce often) and put in new food and she tried to escape four times… this is typical Bonnie behavior.. is she back to her old self already? No way.

Bonnie kept biting the cage, keeping me awake, as usual.  Typical Bonnie.

Now, I’ve been concerned up until now because she hasn’t left them even to eat so I was like, “Is she getting enough food????” and I’ve tried to legitimately feed her while she was nursing.  She didn’t take it.

But the funny thing is, now that she is away from them I’m concerned.  I think I’m just paranoid.  I usually get super mad when Bonnie’s loud at night and wakes me up, but tonight Im like, “nahhhh it’s okay Bonnie, you’ve been nursing all day, treat yo self.”

When were the babies conceived?

Bonnie and Mr. Butters mated on March 17th at around 11 PM.  Bonnie gave birth sometime between 2 PM and 7 PM.  Around 11-12 I did her maternity shoot and then I went out with Steve, and we got back around 7 which is when I had checked her and she had given birth.  She gave birth exactly 16 days later!

Bonnie’s Pregnancy

Bonnie didn’t show until the few days before she gave birth.  She gave birth during the day, and I was surprised!  I had went to get her for her maternity shoot and I lifted her and saw all of these little pink squiggles underneath her and I was so confused.  One didn’t make it, unfortunately.  When I first went to her cage, I saw a little bit of pink and I thought she might have thrown up.  Then when I saw the babies, I was overwhelmed with joy that she had them, then a little confused because she had them during the day.  And then it hit me that one passed away and I was really sad.  Bonnie was actually a lot calmer when pregnant than I had expected.

Most hamsters are more aggressive when pregnant, but Bonnie was actually very calm.  Normal Bonnie pops up when I enter the room, bites her cage in an effort to get attention, and POPS out of her cage to say hi.  Normal Bonnie is super hyper and energetic and a bit squirmy when you hold her.  Pregnant Bonnie was very cool, calm and collected.  Pregnant Bonnie wasn’t fidgety.  I’m also pretty surprised that Bonnie has not been aggressive with me at all WHAT SO EVER when I went to check on the nest or take a peek!

I’m attaching some of Bonnie’s Maternity photos!!! Some of the photos are Bonnie a few days before birth.  BUT most of these photos were 7 hours before Bonnie gave birth.  I know this because I was so confused that she had the litter I looked at my Facebook photos of her pregnant and it said “7 hours ago”

In some of her pregnancy photos she’s like “mom, stop picking me up!” “Leave me alone for pete’s sake I’m pregnant!”

This marks the end of Day 2, so far so good!  I Saw her little babies nursing today!!!! I was kind of wondering why she didn’t leave the nest at all.  I read that they take toilet paper and other supplies to build their nest and keep the babies warm when they leave.  When she smelled food, I saw her little nose poke out, sniff, and go back in!! Then at one point she tried to stick her head out and grab some food and go back to the pups, and when she stuck her head out and was not covering them 100% I heard them squealing like “NO MOMMY FEED ME!”

I wonder how they all get fed, I don’t think they can move on their own yet and I know Bonnie has like 8 nipples and like 9 million pups.. Hmm.


Bonnie’s Litter Day 1 & 2!

Here are photos of Bonnie’s new litter!!! They just look like little pink squiggles right now.  Baby hamsters are born without ears yet and completely naked and blind.  Fur will come soon!  I do know that if the eyelids look dark, they’ll have black eyes, and if they are not visible, eyes will be red!
Day one photos are the ones where Bonnie was on top of them mostly.  The ones that Bonnie isn’t in is where she left for like 10 seconds.  Enough for me to snap a few photos, but not to do a headcount.  How many hammies can you see?

Bonnie’s Pregnancy

Bonnie recently gave birth to a beautiful litter of hammies!!!! I was starting to get worried she wasn’t fertile!  She once mated with Mr. Cuddles, my hammy who unfortunately passed away and she’s mated with Mr. Butters twice, I guess the third time’s a charm!

I’m so excited to start this blog and document the pups as they grow.  I’ll be taking photos of the babies as they grow up every day and also taking pictures of their new owners taking them home.  I saw one yawn this morning and it was so beautiful!

Bonnie’s such a good mommy!!! She has not moved away from her babies! She will just stick her head out and grab something closeby and then she goes right back to them.  She left for about 10 seconds this morning, when I snapped a few photos of the litter.  I’m so excited because they look layered, and I think there’s a lot of them!! I’m doing my best to make sure that every baby hammy makes it.  I know sometimes in a large litter some of them do not.

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