Bonnie recently gave birth to a beautiful litter of hammies!!!! I was starting to get worried she wasn’t fertile!  She once mated with Mr. Cuddles, my hammy who unfortunately passed away and she’s mated with Mr. Butters twice, I guess the third time’s a charm!

I’m so excited to start this blog and document the pups as they grow.  I’ll be taking photos of the babies as they grow up every day and also taking pictures of their new owners taking them home.  I saw one yawn this morning and it was so beautiful!

Bonnie’s such a good mommy!!! She has not moved away from her babies! She will just stick her head out and grab something closeby and then she goes right back to them.  She left for about 10 seconds this morning, when I snapped a few photos of the litter.  I’m so excited because they look layered, and I think there’s a lot of them!! I’m doing my best to make sure that every baby hammy makes it.  I know sometimes in a large litter some of them do not.