Bonnie didn’t show until the few days before she gave birth.  She gave birth during the day, and I was surprised!  I had went to get her for her maternity shoot and I lifted her and saw all of these little pink squiggles underneath her and I was so confused.  One didn’t make it, unfortunately.  When I first went to her cage, I saw a little bit of pink and I thought she might have thrown up.  Then when I saw the babies, I was overwhelmed with joy that she had them, then a little confused because she had them during the day.  And then it hit me that one passed away and I was really sad.  Bonnie was actually a lot calmer when pregnant than I had expected.

Most hamsters are more aggressive when pregnant, but Bonnie was actually very calm.  Normal Bonnie pops up when I enter the room, bites her cage in an effort to get attention, and POPS out of her cage to say hi.  Normal Bonnie is super hyper and energetic and a bit squirmy when you hold her.  Pregnant Bonnie was very cool, calm and collected.  Pregnant Bonnie wasn’t fidgety.  I’m also pretty surprised that Bonnie has not been aggressive with me at all WHAT SO EVER when I went to check on the nest or take a peek!

I’m attaching some of Bonnie’s Maternity photos!!! Some of the photos are Bonnie a few days before birth.  BUT most of these photos were 7 hours before Bonnie gave birth.  I know this because I was so confused that she had the litter I looked at my Facebook photos of her pregnant and it said “7 hours ago”

In some of her pregnancy photos she’s like “mom, stop picking me up!” “Leave me alone for pete’s sake I’m pregnant!”

This marks the end of Day 2, so far so good!  I Saw her little babies nursing today!!!! I was kind of wondering why she didn’t leave the nest at all.  I read that they take toilet paper and other supplies to build their nest and keep the babies warm when they leave.  When she smelled food, I saw her little nose poke out, sniff, and go back in!! Then at one point she tried to stick her head out and grab some food and go back to the pups, and when she stuck her head out and was not covering them 100% I heard them squealing like “NO MOMMY FEED ME!”

I wonder how they all get fed, I don’t think they can move on their own yet and I know Bonnie has like 8 nipples and like 9 million pups.. Hmm.