Currently 12:30 at night, I have work in the morning, but I was kept up…


I went to switch out the old food (I give her fresh produce often) and put in new food and she tried to escape four times… this is typical Bonnie behavior.. is she back to her old self already? No way.

Bonnie kept biting the cage, keeping me awake, as usual.  Typical Bonnie.

Now, I’ve been concerned up until now because she hasn’t left them even to eat so I was like, “Is she getting enough food????” and I’ve tried to legitimately feed her while she was nursing.  She didn’t take it.

But the funny thing is, now that she is away from them I’m concerned.  I think I’m just paranoid.  I usually get super mad when Bonnie’s loud at night and wakes me up, but tonight Im like, “nahhhh it’s okay Bonnie, you’ve been nursing all day, treat yo self.”