Since it’s been all about Bonnie lately due to her pregnancy, I decided I better include some photos of my other hammies!!

The golden and white colored hammy is Mr. Butters.  He is such a sweetheart!!! He’s been so kind and gentle from day one.

The two little ones are my robo hammies, Munchkin and Teeny.  Munchkin is the brown one, he’s so scared of everyone & everything.  He is a super timid hamster.  The white one is Teeny.  He’s like a little old man, his big whiskers in front of his face make him look like a cute little old man even more.  He’s grumpy and he hates people too, he bites.  Both my robos hide from me and come out to play at night.  They like to burrow during the day.

There are also some photos on here of Bonnie before she got pregnant!!
The all white hammy that is not a dwarf is Mr. Cuddles.  Poor Mr. Cuddles passed away in December 2015 😦  I was on vacation and left my boyfriend in charge, one night he didn’t turn the heat up high enough.  Bonnie went into hibernation and I was able to save her but it was too late for Mr. Cuddles.  I miss him.  He was a sweetie pie.

There’s also a pic here of my playpen that I set up for them!! It doesn’t really work for all of them.  Bonnie just ends up climbing out somehow or trying to every second.  Mr. Butters would also be scared if he was in there and smelled Bonnie’s scent.  So now it’s just for Mr. Butters or for the munchkins while I clean their cages.

Also on here is a pic of my hamster village!  Right now I’m living with my parents but when I was with 3 roommates this was my hammy village.  I really have always wanted a pet, and I wasn’t allowed at the house I was renting.  My landlord lived in NY and didn’t come by CT much. I thought I could just get hamsters in cages and they wouldn’t bother anyone.

NOPE! I was wrong.  My roommate who is a radio morning show producer decided to call my landlord and rat me out!  He even blamed an ex roommate of mine and said it was her.  The landlord informed me otherwise.  The roommates “voted me out” and told me on my birthday.  I spent my birthday packing a Uhaul truck.  One of them came into my room and made me cry that day.  Another posted a status asking if it was “legal” to kick someone out if the other 3 roommates agree they’re uncomfortable living with that person.  Why were they so uncomfortable living with me? Hamsters. Yes I’m serious.

Anyhow, now while I’m at my parents, Bonnie and the babies are in my room, and the other three are in the princess room.